AmareSer Project
AmareSer´s main purpose is the promotion of human being through training, passing on the tools so that the students can improve their quality of life by themselves.

Our school of Arts & Crafts and personal development for people that are under the poverty line has started a new cycle in April, which ends in late November 2013.


AMARESER Project (english subtitles) from Fundación HAMPATU on Vimeo.


Students attend free of charge and can choose to train in one of the following workshops: handbags or shoes manufacturing; sewing or knitting techniques.

Students sign up in three classes per week, two about the subject they choose and one about personal development, which goes from therapeutic theater to group meetings where they have games, talks and fun activities focused on the emotional and spiritual enrichment work, all supervised by psychologists.


This school emerged as a larger project in the foundation to extend culture, conscience and equality to all sectors of society; it is a labor of integration and socialization. It seeks to inculcate the culture of work, the value of responsibility, commitment, will and solidarity.



In return, through emotional support, it is expected that students will know themselves better, improving their personal concept, inner balance, self assurance, confidence in life and in the world; thereby promoting physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing as well as that of their environment and society.

The students find a place where to grow, feel content and accompanied, and where to build bonds of fraternity and fellowship with people in their same situation.


Bring this opportunity to all the people who need it and could take advantage of it! We still have starting groups!


Interested ones please call or sms (011) 153-005-9553, where we will explain the schedules and everything related to the workshops and registration.

If you have any questions, you can write to us at [email protected]


You can make a monthly or just-one-time donation through this >Form<. All the information you provide us with will be only used for this cause.

You can also make a donation through >Pagomiscuentas<>bank deposit or transfer< or >cash<.


We are as well open to receive fabrics, paper mold, hammers, tape, sewing machines... etc.

Click >here< to see what we need.


Why Hampatu?

Hampatu is a word of Andean origin that means toad or frog.

Spokesman for the Pacha Mama, herald of the rains, it symbolizes fertility, renewal, rebirth, transitions and opportunities.


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Hampatu Foundation has a school of Arts & Crafts and personal development for people that are under the poverty line.
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